How to use JSON as the preferred data format for invoking Web Services from the client side.

in JavaScript use call like

function OnPageLoad()

NameSpaceName.ClassName.FunctionName(......Arguments......, FunctionNameAfterReturnToBeExecuted);


on Service

[WebMethod(EnableSession = true)]

public string FunctionName(..arguments..)


Bind Json string with JsonObjectCollection and JsonArrayCollection and return the object as String();



on JS

function FunctionNameAfterReturnToBeExecuted(result)


if(result != null)


  var JsonObject = eval('('+ result +')');

  for(var i = 0; i < JsonObject.JSONArrayName.length; i++)


      var JsonItem = JsonObject.JSONArrayName[i];

                    //now use the Item to render page as in Table or in div or whatever ....




hope this will work.. point me out if m missing something..

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I’m not really sure if I get what you are trying to do but ASP.NET Ajax uses JSON already for sending data between the server and the client, you don’t need to do anything, takea look at this link:

look for "Passing and Returning Complex Types"

Hope this helps,


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