How do I use an ajax indicator without using and updatepanel?

Hi, I have an onclick event that calls a javascript function that calls a webservice via ajax (the webservice has the [ScriptService] attribute.)

How can I have an ajax indicator without using the updatepanel.  Nothing so far has required the updatepanel.  I tried a simple visible and then hidden style, but it isn't working.

Thank you for any help.

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 Add the indicator (an animated gif? or some text) to a div which is absolutely positioned has z-index set and also has id, like:

<div id="progress" style="position: absolute; left: 100px; top: 100px; width: 100px; height: 20px; background-color: red; color: white; z-index: 100; display: none;">

   <p>Please wait...</p>


Now before you call the webservice in javascript:

$get( "progress" ).style.display = "block";

In the callback (and also in the error handling function):

$get( "progress" ).style.display = "none";

Also put some sleep time in the webservice code to test, because if the response is too fast you won't see too much in the browser.

7/8/2008 7:51:45 AM

Thank you.  Can you tell me a basic beginner question?  What is this construct called:

$get( "progress" ).

 I mean where it has the dollar sign and parenthesis.  I had never seen javascript like that until I started using jQuery and ajax.  Just didn't know what it meant, event thought I can figure out what it does.  Wanted to research it.


7/8/2008 1:40:51 PM

Just didn't know what it meant, event thought I can figure out what it does.  Wanted to research it.

This is some shortcut to document.getElementById.  

It is defined this way in ms ajax:

(you can also download the full source code [microsoft ajax library from] to see how the framework works, also good to learn some advanced javascript: ):

var $get = Sys.UI.DomElement.getElementById = function Sys$UI$DomElement$getElementById(id, element) {
    /// <summary locid="M:J#Sys.UI.DomElement.getElementById" />
    /// <param name="id" type="String"></param>
    /// <param name="element" domElement="true" optional="true" mayBeNull="true"></param>
    /// <returns domElement="true" mayBeNull="true"></returns>
    var e = Function._validateParams(arguments, [
        {name: "id", type: String},
        {name: "element", mayBeNull: true, domElement: true, optional: true}
    if (e) throw e;
    if (!element) return document.getElementById(id);
    if (element.getElementById) return element.getElementById(id);
    var nodeQueue = [];
    var childNodes = element.childNodes;
    for (var i = 0; i < childNodes.length; i++) {
        var node = childNodes[i];
        if (node.nodeType == 1) {
            nodeQueue[nodeQueue.length] = node;
    while (nodeQueue.length) {
        node = nodeQueue.shift();
        if ( == id) {
            return node;
        childNodes = node.childNodes;
        for (i = 0; i < childNodes.length; i++) {
            node = childNodes[i];
            if (node.nodeType == 1) {
                nodeQueue[nodeQueue.length] = node;
    return null;

You can also specify a second parameter to $get: $get Shortcut Method

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If you want to get Ajax-enabled, you can use XMLHttpRequest. Please check this reference:

If you want to hidden some control by using JavaScript on the Client, you can use property display or visibility.

document.getElementById('controlid').style.display="none";  // hidden the control
document.getElementById('controlid').style.display="block"; // display the control

document.getElementById('controlid').style.visibility="hidden";  // hidden the control
document.getElementById('controlid').style.visibility="visible";  //display the control

"display" and "visibility" are different. When "visibility" is set to hidden, the element being hidden still occupies its same place in the layout of the page. But "display" won't.

 Check this:

Hope it helps.


Vince Xu
Microsoft Online Community Support
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