how can I update server side control purely by events triggered by server side timer

Currently I am writing code based on google earth API. Basically server writes a piece of KML info every second,(using AddHandler aTimer.Elapsed, AddressOf OnTimer) then the browser uses XMLHttpRequest to retrieve this KML and display it on the Google Earth plugin.
This part works fine, however when there is no more KML to write on the server, I want to disable some buttons running on the server. Unfortunately I cannot achieve it. If I use update method of UpdatePanel (I put those buttons in the UpdatePanel), it pops up the error of "The Update method is called during or after the page's Render event". Any Suggestion about the problem? I guess since there is no postback from the client at this time, the client cannot be updated?

Private Sub OnTimer(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As Timers.ElapsedEventArgs) 'make sure the kmlreader has not finished reading the simulation file If kmlreader(cntKmlReader).GetKmlReaderState = System.Xml.ReadState.Closed Then curContext.Response.Write("alert(' Writing Finished')") btnPause.Enabled = False btnResume.Enabled = False btnFast.Enabled = False btnSlow.Enabled = False lblStatus.Text = "Simulation Terminated." UpdatePanel1.Update() 'The Update method is called during or after the page's Render event aTimer.Enabled = False kmlreader(cntKmlReader).emptyKml() Else kmlreader(cntKmlReader).OnTimerReadLoop() End If End Sub Thank you very much!
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 The server can't control what happens on the client. It can only provide content (HTML, scripts etc.) when the client asks for it. Therefore I suggest that you use an AJAX client side timer instead. 

You can use a timer in the global HttpApplication (although there are some lifecycle issues wityt that) or in an external process, such as a Windows Service. There's no good way to use in in a Page though, since a Page instance should only live fo the duration of a single request,

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Thank you very much! This does answer my question! But I think I won't use Ajax Client side timer which may put extra overhead to the request traffic. Maybe I will make the server write some default info into the KML file when finishes writing, and thus lets the client to know the status of the server and change the enable attribution of those controls on the client side.Thanks!

But I am new to, could you explain a little detail about how to put a timer in the global HttpApplication?
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