Drag and drop multiple Files into embeded Windows Forms Control in Web Page is not working - help!!

 Hi all,

I am trying to develop a web application in which I want to have a list box in a form.

It should be able to drag and drop the files on to it. It should just capture the file name with the path.

I am able to do this in a Windows application, by setting the "AllowDrag" property of the list box to true.

How can I achieve this in Web application? For the matter of fact I just want to capture all the names of the files that are dragged on to the form. It need not be list box alone. any other control will also do.

Any ideas please.

Thanks you all in Advance.


12/19/2007 6:38:58 AM
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Not possible on a standard web page (somewhat possible in Firefox, but not in IE). You will have to use ActiveX, a Java applet or an IE hosted .NET Control 

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12/21/2007 5:32:24 PM

Hi Gunteman,

Thanks for your reply,  It is possible by using the windows forms control(windows control library).

 I made it this way.  I had created a WCL and in it I placed a List view control and compiled it into  .dll and created a web page, embedded the control using the <object> tag. 

Every thing was looking fine but, when I drag and drop multiple files to the Control it is not working in the web, it is taking one file at a time.  But, when I execute the .dll at devlopement VS2005, I am able to drag and drop multiple files.  any Idea whats wrong?

I am handling, drag drop, drag enter and drag over entent for this purpose.

Any help appreciated.


12/27/2007 3:25:16 AM

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