Does anyone know of either an blog available or an 'inline editor' for

Hey all:

 I'm desperately trying to find an AJAX control (I don't care if it's currently for ASP.NET AJAX.NET, since if not, I'll do the conversion and make it available to others) for creating blogs and another inline editor control, so that if there is text on the page, I can click on the text and it will automatically display an editor and allow me to edit the text/html.

 Does anyone know of a control like this that's AJAX enabled?  Especially AJAX.NET.  I'm only interested in open-source, since any improvements I make I will make available on

Thanks in advance for any pointer to a download page or pointers to a control that could be enhanced to do what I want...

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Anyone?  Buehler?  If anyone is looking for one, if I can find a reasonable facsimile, my work on it would benefit you too. ;-)
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<Most> all of the text editors out there are 'ajax' enabled - just not Microsoft Ajax enabled.  All of the popular ones like tinyMCE, FCKEditor and FTB (FreeTextBox) can be used with Microsoft Ajax by utilizing a 'wrapper approach'.  John Dyer (FTB author) was at one time looking for someone(s) to assist in getting FTB 3.0 compatible with Ajax before rolling out his new version...Other than that if I remember correctly in the MSDN Magazine archives was an article on creating a 'rich text' editor control. Those that do not use those use third party commercial components...hence why no real answers to this question....You can also always check CodePLex and SourceForge, CodeProject for projects that may already be started.

-- jody
My Blogs on .Net 2.0 and Ajax
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