Atlas and Web Parts / Web Part Framework

How is Microsoft differentiating Atlas from Web Parts and the Web Part Framework?

Which is the right one to use when?
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Web Parts provide a rich infrastructure in ASP.NET to build composite, personalized application UI from individual components. Atlas provides a richer environment in the browser client for application UI to run more interactively. These are complementary technologies. In the future, web parts and Atlas will work together in a couple of important ways. 

First, the web parts infrastructure will take advantage of Atlas to provide even richer client-side interactivity than they do in ASP.NET 2.0 - for example, more flexible client-side layout and drag-and-drop, richer client-side customization, etc.

Second, individual web parts will be able to take advantage of Atlas to deliver a richer UI within the part - for example, doing data navigation or databinding within the part without refreshing the entire page.


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