AJAX: How to get xml data using XMLHTTP.responseXml where xml data processed in C# code

Hi All,

I am trying t retrieve data from an xml file on server side using Ajax:

How to get xml data using XMLHTTP.responseXml  where xml data processed in C#  as:-

C# part


this.Response.ContentType= "text/xml";


--- AJAX- Javascript part is ---



XMLHTTP.onreadystatechange = function()


if(XMLHTTP.readystate==4 && XMLHTTP.status == 200){

var xmlDoc = XMLHTTP.responseXml; //********  HERE THIS IS NOT RETRIEVING THE xml data instead this brings  XMLHTTP.responseText data ****




XMLHTTP.open("GET", requestUrl, true);





something problem in the C# side ? please anybody can answer this?... Thanks in advance.


12/4/2007 4:26:28 PM
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If you aren't doing any processing on the server side, you're probably better off reading and outputting it as a text file.  Your xmldoc is an XmlDocument object, so Response.Write(xmldoc) isn't going to do what you probably want.  If you need to use XmlDocument for more complex processing not shown, try outputting it with Response.Write(xmldoc.InnerText) instead.

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12/4/2007 5:17:11 PM

First of all Thanks for your reply. In my case  I want to get data from the server as xml data. I tried with Response.Write(xmldoc.InnerText) . In this case  XMLHTTP.responseXml has no value.  offcourse XMLHTTP.responseText has value. But actually I need XmlData from the server. Is there any method for this? Thanks and Regards.


12/5/2007 6:57:32 AM
I'd suggest just putting a debugger breakpoint on the part of your code that writes out the XML and explore what is actually available in that object.  Knowing what you want, you should recognize it quickly when you see it.  Just a Response.Write(xmldoc) is definitely not going to be what you're after though.

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12/5/2007 7:07:08 AM

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