I can add a property just fine, but I can't 'Edit'

Here is my dilemma.  Our company has three levels of user - Exec, Staff, and Nonperson (i.e. an account that represents a role and not an individual - such as 'administrator'). 

Currently this information is in nested groups - i.e. there is an 'Exec' group that contains 'ny-exec' and 'la-exec', etc.
I wrote a script that set the 'employeeType' attribute for members of one of these groups. This code worked fine, here is a snippet:

Dim type As String = IIf(exec.Checked, "Executive", "Staff")
Dim individual As DirectoryEntry = root
'Root is the person's DE from a higher level function
individual.AuthenticationType = AuthenticationTypes.Secure
'user and pass are valid for an administrator of the domain
individual.Username = user
individual.Password = pass

The employeeType attribute gets set properly
However, when I try to update this feature, by replacing the bolded line above with:

I get the following error:The Active Directory datatype cannot be converted to/from a native DS datatype
Anyone have any advice?

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8/13/2003 6:41:45 PM
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Not sure what you are passing in for the 'type' variable in your code.  The attribute 'employeeType' is of Unicode String, so make sure you are passing a string there.  Instead of setting the .Value, try the following and it should fix it for you:

individual.Properties("employeeType")(0) = type

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8/13/2003 8:10:07 PM

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