An operations error occurred when using windows authentication in my web app against AD.

HI, I really need someones help here.

I have a web app with Anonumous enabled and a domain user that runs
on behalf of the application against Active Directory and sql server.

Now i have to change that to Windows Authentication.

so what iv done is:
1. I have eneabled windows authentication,
2. using <identity impersonate="true"/> 
3. using <authentication mode="Windows">
4. using <deny users="?"/> and <allow users="*"/>

If i run the published web app on my dev pc logged in as "vader" evrything is ok.
But when i go to a difrent pc, logged in as "vader" and browse the web app against my dev pc
the application get problems accessing Active Directory.

the error message is : An operations error occurred.

If i put user credentials in the code when i try to access directory it will work.

But as i use windows authentication i should be able to use  

This is the code im calling above:

        public AdObject FindOne(string rootPath, string user, string password)

            DirectoryEntry dir = new DirectoryEntry(rootPath, user, password, AuthenticationTypes.Secure);
            DirectorySearcher  Searcher = new DirectorySearcher(dir);
            Searcher.SearchScope = SearchScope.Subtree;
            Searcher.Filter = _filter;
            SearchResult result = Searcher.FindOne();

            if (result != null)
                AdObject oAdObject = AdObjectType.GetObjectTypeByResult(result);
 return oAdObject;

I use this to make sure what identity om actually using against my dev pc and it turnes out to be vader as it should be:

Principal.WindowsPrincipal wp = new Principal.WindowsPrincipal(Principal.WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent());
Label2.Text = wp.Identity.Name;
Label1.Text  = User.Identity.IsAuthenticated.ToString();

Can someone help me out here, please :|

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Do you run IIS on your local machine?

You must also do changes to IIS, disable anonymous access and enable integrated authentication.

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