Using parameters in querying an Access DB and using Datasets

Once a user has logged into my application, they are directed to their admin page.  On there, it will display if they have any new messages.  I can assign the login name to the variable "yourname".

The messages are stored in the unimaginatively titled 'messages' table.  The msgto and msgfrom fields are linked to the 'logins' table where the names are stored.

 So far, I have created a tableadapter and have the query that will list the required fields for all the messages that are unread:

SELECT     messages.messID, messages.[timestamp], messages.importance, messages.msgread, messages.replied, messages.msgsubject,
                      messages.msgbody, logins.username
FROM         (logins INNER JOIN
                      messages ON logins.loginid = messages.msgto)

My problem is that I want to add a filter along the lines of WHERE msgto = the yourname value.





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Can you try the following article ?

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This should help: Parameter Queries in ASP.NET with MS Access


Regards Mike
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Thanks for that.  However, I have a problem accessing the Table Adapter.

On the "Get Started" page, there's a video detailing how to create a ToDo List featuring AJAX.  I followed the video, and it worked great.  I then tried to implement similar data access in my own app, and it's not working.

I created a .xsd DataSet.  The query works fine, with the parameter problem above sorted.  I can preview the data and everything's good.

However, I then go back into my webpage, add a Gridview, go into design view and create a new Object Data Source, just as he did in the video.

However, when it comes to "Choose a Business Object" (as seen at 8:01 in the video), the dropdown list is empty and I can't select my table adapter.

Where have I gone wrong?


12/16/2007 3:02:54 PM

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