Deleting rows in access database


I think this question is bugging not only me, but I have not found anything related to it so..listen.
The "DELETE" function doenst actually deletes the records, it only puts the property "deleted" on the record, database file is about 15MB, eventhough I dont have any records on it.....
Does anybody know how can I delete those deleted records.
I know in FoxPro there is a "PACK" function that cleans the db.
Thank you for your help.

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You need to do a "Compact and Repair". Others have posted code for this.

However, you do not want to do this too often every time you delete a record. Access will reuse the space of the deleted records, rather than having to go back to Windows for additional file space (which is slow if you need to do it each time you add a single record).
3/29/2004 11:31:45 AM
Thank you. 

I could not find code for that, or the code I found was not right. Something was missing.
I saw the code with JRO.JetEngine. But ... it doesnt work. What do I need to include? or "use"?
Im working with C# only...
Well, thanx anywayz
3/29/2004 4:00:31 PM
Check this thread here:
Which has a link to code here:;en-us;Q306287
3/29/2004 11:59:21 PM

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