Create access table using sql table field

 hi friends , i need create mdb file with table and data , the data will come from sql server 2005 table , for example i have table employee table contain some fields like name mobile number and others ,, now i  need to create access mdb file with table and data , data is mobile numbers of employee(just only one field) ,  i m using C# 2.0, plz help me yar



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 Hello Raghavendra,

                             Just call the class where in u call the storeprocedure which retrieves the required information, and then store the retrieved values in the dataset. Now in the aspx.cs page get that dataset and display it in a Gridview.

If u want to know in more detail!! do reply with more info on that!! and the exact query.


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Uthappa T.P
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You can use ADOX to create the mdb file, and then use DDL to create the tables.  Once you have done that, get the data from SQL Server into a DataSet as suggested previously and insert it into your newly created mdb database.


Regards Mike
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1/29/2009 8:25:40 AM

first of all thanks for reply  Big Smile

whats my problem is i have to send sms through my application . my project is job portal , when any employee insert any job i have to search for jobseakers related to skill set and i have to send sms to thouse jobseakers mobile numbers for that  i need to buy 3rd parti tool , SMSINTEGRA  TO this software these are the input formats to give mobile numbers MDB,CSV OR MANUAL INPUT..  so temprarly i have to create one mdb file with table which is contain mobilenumbers[only], after complishion, tat mdb file will be automatically delete.







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Personally, I would create a csv file from the DataSet:


Regards Mike
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1/29/2009 7:49:14 PM

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