Connection within connection

I have a table that stores general information on employees. I have a related table that stores actions of those employees. What I would like to do is make a list of employees + their actions.

I wanted to do something like this:
Dim cnAccess As new OleDbConnection("provider=...")
Dim sSelect As String
sSelect = "SELECT * FROM tblEmployees"
Dim cmdSelect as New OleDbCommand(sSelect, cnAccess)
Dim drEmployees As OleDbDataReader
drEmployees = cmdSelect.ExecuteReader()
Do While drEmployees.Read()
'get name
'get address
'open a new connection to the database, select * From tblActions, executereader, etc.

Now, if I try this, the moment it comes to the second executereader, it gives an error that there can only be one executereader open at a time.
How can I make this work?
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Are you SURE you are using a new conneciton?  What EXACTLY is the error message?

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8/30/2004 3:43:17 PM
First off - the rule is

One DataReader - One Connection
What would be a more efficient solution would be to do an inner join of the two tables in your sql statement
Something like:
SQL = "Select tblEmployees.FirstName, tblEmployees.LastName, tblActions.Actions from tblEmployees INNER JOIN tblActions on tblEmployees.ID=tblActions.ID"

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8/30/2004 10:07:26 PM
Dim cnAccess As New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OleDb.4.0;Data Source=C:\HSF\AIVC_websites_v05.mdb")

Dim sSelect As String
sSelect = "SELECT tblWebsites.WebsiteID, tblKeywords.KeywordEN, tblKeywords.KeywordID FROM tblKeywords INNER JOIN (tblWebsites INNER JOIN tblWebsiteKeywords ON tblWebsites.WebsiteID = tblWebsiteKeywords.WebsiteID) ON tblKeywords.KeywordID = tblWebsiteKeywords.KeywordID"
Dim cmdSelect As New OleDbCommand(sSelect,cnAccess)
Dim drWeb As OleDbDataReader, sbResults As New StringBuilder()
drWeb = cmdSelect.ExecuteReader()
Do While drWeb.Read()
Dim intWeb As Integer
intWeb = drWeb.GetInt32(0)
Dim cnAccess2 As New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OleDb.4.0;Data Source=C:\HSF\AIVC_Websites_v05.mdb")
Dim sSelect2 As String
sSelect2 = "SELECT tblWebsites.WebsiteID, tblCountries.Country, tblOrganisationTypes.OrganisationTypeNL, tblWebsites.WebsitePublications, tblWebsites.WebsitePayment, tblLanguages.[Language], tblInformation.WebsiteAddress, tblInformation.OrganisationName, tblInformation.WebsiteComment, tblInformation.SoftwareTools, tblInformation.ElectronicNewsletter, tblKeywords.KeywordNL, tblWebsiteKeywords.Relevance FROM (tblOrganisationTypes INNER JOIN (tblKeywords INNER JOIN (tblCountries INNER JOIN (tblWebsites INNER JOIN tblWebsiteKeywords ON tblWebsites.WebsiteID = tblWebsiteKeywords.WebsiteID) ON tblCountries.CountryID = tblWebsites.WebsiteCountry) ON tblKeywords.KeywordID = tblWebsiteKeywords.KeywordID) ON tblOrganisationTypes.OrganisationTypeID = tblWebsites.WebsiteOrganisationChar) INNER JOIN (tblLanguages INNER JOIN tblInformation ON tblLanguages.[LanguageID] = tblInformation.[LanguageID]) ON tblWebsites.WebsiteID = tblInformation.WebsiteID WHERE ((tblWebsites.WebsiteID) = " & intWeb & ")"
Dim cmdSelect2 As New OleDbCommand(sSelect2,cnAccess2)
Dim drDetails As OleDbDataReader
drDetails = cmdSelect2.ExecuteReader()
lblResults.Text = sbResults.ToString()

This is what I did, and it works fine until it reaches the drDetails.GetString(1)). Then I get the following error:
No data exists for the row/column.
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.
Exception Details: System.InvalidOperationException: No data exists for the row/column.
Source Error:

Line 38: drDetails = cmdSelect2.ExecuteReader()
Line 39:
Line 40: sbResults.Append(drDetails.GetString(1))
Line 41: sbResults.Append("<br>")
Line 42: sbResults.Append(drDetails.GetString(2))

If i take the query from sSelect2 and copy it in an access query, it works. I don't get it, what am i doing wrong?
8/31/2004 7:28:59 AM
never mind, I added a Do While to the second datareader and it works perfectly now. 

Thanks for the help,
8/31/2004 1:26:49 PM

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