Access 2000 connection

I am trying to connect to a MS Access database. Access 2003 installed. Access 2000 file types in the acutal database. It's an old database.

Using connectionString :

conn.ConnectionString =


Source = e:\hack.mdb";

Upon conn.Open(); I get a failure. Could not find installable ISAM.

Any ideas. Yes, this is my first C# code and my frist task is to manipulate a MS Access DB.




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conn.ConnectionString =


Source = e:\hack.mdb";

Upon conn.Open(); I get a failure. Could not find installable ISAM.


ISAM error appears due to wrong/invalid connection string. Just check your connection string again.


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Once I focused on the string itself and not registry issues or version conflict issues, I did some more digging into connection strings and found two issues in mine.

I am off an running. Well at least 3 more lines. Which is where my next issue is. Oh how fun learning something new is.



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