Need help with WCF Ajax service that can be called from client with json\javascript.

I was able to successfully set this up in my development environment by adding the web services to the same project as my client pages.  I am now trying to connect to a different web services outside of my project that is being hosted in IIS. 

 If i open a browser and type in the url for the .svc file everything looks fine, I can even append the \js and the proxy code is generated.  However on my client side I get erros in my javascript code "object doesn't support this property or method"  Below I have pasted my javascript, scriptmanager, interface class and web services class.  Can someone help me narrow down where my problem is?  If so I would greatly appreciate it.


<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

function test()



ret = BWWebXChangeWCF.TestLibrary(OnComplete, OnTimeOut, OnError);



function OnComplete(args)





function OnTimeOut(args)


"Service call timed out.");



function OnError(args)


"Error calling service method");







function Button2_onclick() {



-- Script Manager:

<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server">


<asp:ServiceReference Path="http://denqasoweb1/BWWebXChangeWCF/BWWebXChangeWCF.svc" />



<asp:ScriptReference Path="http://denqasoweb1/BWWebXChangeWCF/BWWebXChangeWCF.cs" />




-- Interface class:

namespace BWWebXChangeWCF


ServiceContract(Namespace = "")]

public interface IBWWebXChangeWCF



string TestLibrary();


-- Here is web service class:

namespace BWWebXChangeWCF



AspNetCompatibilityRequirements(RequirementsMode = AspNetCompatibilityRequirementsMode.Allowed)]


public class BWWebXChangeWCF : IBWWebXChangeWCF


private string DBITSSQLServer = "";

private string SSACustConnectString = "";

private string SSADefsConnectString = "";

private string SSASaleConnectString = "";

private string SSAWebSaleConnectString = "";

private string IntegratedDBConnectString = "";

private string BWLoginConnectString = "";

private EventLog _evtLog = null;

private ssiSQL.ssiSQLDB ssiSQLDB = new ssiSQL.ssiSQLDB();

private long iCompanyID = 0, iLogID = 0;

//localConfig will get populated as long as you call ValidateUser

private ssiLocalConfig.ssiLocalConfigns localConfig;

private ssiMasterConfig.ssiMasterConfigns masterConfig;

private long ssiCorpID = 0; public BWWebXChangeWCF()




ssiSQLDB.DB.SQLWorkstationName =

ssiSQLDB.DB.SQLApplicationName = "bwWebXChangeWCF";

ServerConfig.BwConfig bw = new ServerConfig.BwConfig("SFA");

ssiSQLDB.DB.SQLUserName = bw.GetConfigSetting("sUserName", "");

ssiSQLDB.DB.SQLUserPassword = bw.GetConfigSetting("sPassword", "");BWLoginConnectString = bw.GetServerConnectString().Replace("BrandwiseOperations", "BrandwiseLogin");

ssiSQLDB.DB.BWSQLServerName = bw.sBWLoginServerName;

DBITSSQLServer = bw.GetConfigSetting("sDBITSServerName", "");

if (DBITSSQLServer == "")


Exception ex = new Exception("DBITS SQL Name not set in Application Module Settings");throw ex;


bw = new ServerConfig.BwConfig("Brandwise System");

SSACustConnectString = bw.GetConfigSetting("SSACustConnectString", "");

SSADefsConnectString = bw.GetConfigSetting("SSADefsConnectString", "");

SSASaleConnectString = bw.GetConfigSetting("SSASaleConnectString", "");

SSAWebSaleConnectString = bw.GetConfigSetting("SSAWebSaleConnectString", "");

localConfig = new ssiLocalConfig.ssiLocalConfigns(this.ssiSQLDB);masterConfig = new ssiMasterConfig.ssiMasterConfigns(ssiSQLDB);




ssiSQLDB =



public void Dispose()






catch { }ssiSQLDB = null;


public string TestLibrary()


return "HELLO WORLD";


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I was able to get this working by running the web project and web service on the same IIS machine.  In your script manager you only need to point to the .svc in a service reference tag.

4/24/2008 4:32:52 PM

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